Sri Kshetra Madyar

Madyar, located around 20 kms from Mangalore, the port city of Karnataka, India is a transcendent land sanctified by divine sannidhyas. . As per the astrological findings, Madyar has a history dating back to 2,100 years when Sri Mathsyendranath Yogeshwareshwar Swami, hailing from Himalayas sat for penance here and worshipped Matha Vaishnavi in spiritual pursuit. In his second avatar as King Trinethra Mayura Varma of the famed Kadamba dynasty, the same place once again occupied center stage, wherein the king worshipped Sri Vyaghrachamundi.
But, Madyar was a secluded place uninhibited by the people till seven years ago. Covered with dense jungle, the area was infested with snakes and whoever ventured into the forest had to retreat due to the instantaneous appearance of snake on the way. The nearby villagers narrate about the tigers, which were occasionally visible here, and sighting of mysterious torchlights and hearing of cacophonic cries in the night. All these seem to be aimed at keeping the place safe for the purpose of temple construction.
The temple of which existed here in Madyar during the past, had disappeared into history. As per the astrological evidence through “ashtamangala prashna”, it has been corroborated that Sri Narendranath Yogeshwareshar Swami of Sri Guru Parashakthi Mutt- Sri Parashakthi Kshetra, Marakada, Mangalore is reincarnation of that guru. Sri Swami is a family man, bestowed with devout wife and three children. As initial installation of Mother Almighty was done by Sri Mathsyendranath Swami here, now the same temple is regaining its lost glory at the exact location, in full grandeur, under the able directions of Sri Narendranath Swami.
The temple spread over a vast area of above 4.5 acres will have Sri Vaishanavi Matha, Sri Vyaghrachamuindi and Sri Kalabhairava Swami as the presiding deities. Temple dedicated to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha is also being constructed. Other deva sankalpas and daiva sankalpas also are being installed in the temple complex. This temple as a symbol of universal brotherhood and spiritual resurgence will become a beacon of hope for the mass. Offerings of tears of repentance by the devotees to the goddess will bring in abundance of benediction proving solace for their woes. The almighty will be assuring them with her abahaya hasta, as Varadayinee for eternity.