The luster of divinity pervading the kshetra has its genesis in the recent past, associated with Sri Narendranath Kotekar, the fourth and last son of Late Smt. Savithri and Sri Ganapathi Kotekar. He had a very illustrious past on the career front. Professionally, he was an electrical engineer, having worked for various major projects like Konkan Railways, Hemavathi dam project, etc… He is the founder of M/s Prestige Cables Pvt. Ltd. and had served as its Managing Director. His sphere of activity also included social service arena, wherein he served for a long time in various organizations like Lions Club and rose onto become the President of Lion Club, Mangalore Midtown in 1994. He had also been the President of several other organizations. Thus, his gamut of experiences is studded with multifarious features.
It all started around the year 1994, when Sri Narendranath Kotekar started experiencing frequent vibrations of trance. So frequent was such phenomenon that it had neither the limit of the day nor that of the night. With it came the fluent flow of words in a language, which was long forgotten – the old Kannada or ” Halegannada ” dialect, embedded with the revelations of the highest order of cognoscente. It was the heralding of a quintessential transformation in his life, leading to a rendezvous with divine powers, wherein Mother Goddess Parashakthi had enshrined herself within him. The almighty had chosen to reveal the saga of ‘Natha Panth’, as well as the sad and tragic end of a royal dynasty – the Kadambas, whose progeny he is and to enlighten the posterity through perspicuity, so that such downfall never happens in future. This “Mother Parashakthi”, the Kuladevatha of the great dynasty, through similar revelations is signaling her intention of reviving back the lost glory to her followers, by guiding them along the path of Adyathma.
Then, Sri Narendranath Kotekar could not perform his routine work. He approached neurologists and psychiatrists thinking that these vibrations and revelations were nothing but hallucinations. However, all these efforts proved futile. As a last resort, he approached astrologers for a solution. They advised him to have a holy dip at the famous ancient Someshwara temple, at Someshwara, Mangalore and to offer worship at the temple of Sri Kondana Pili Chamundi kshetra at his ancestral village, Kotekar.
On performing these pious acts, the divine power of Mother Goddess Sri Parashakathi and Sri Kalabhairaveshwara transfused into his body and was ordained with certain divine powers.
Rejuvenated by the pursuit of ‘adyathma’, Sri Narendranath Swamiji continued performing daily worship, with the involvement of family members. There was gradual increase in the number of devotees attending the pooja. With the people hearing more and more about his benevolent spiritual powers, the kshetra started witnessing a surge in the crowd during the poojas.
His residence ‘Rajni’ has transformed into ‘Sri Parashskthi Kshetra’, becoming the hub of divine deeds. It started sheltering and feeding thousands of devotees of all caste and creed, rich and poor or sick and suffering. As all are equal in the eyes of the Mother, no discrimination is allowed here.
It is the execution of philosophical missions through the application of ratiocinative thoughts under divine supervision, which attracts thousands of intellectuals, pundits and astrologers to this residence-cum-shrine. They are wonder struck at the changes it brings in the skeptics and in the pious people.
The benevolent Mother Sri Parashakthi manifests here in her ordinal resplendent ‘OMKAR’ form, providing succor to the devotees.