Monday is exclusively meant for visit to Sri Parashakthi temple at Madyar. Therefore, Swami does not meet devotees on this day. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays are meant for appointment with individuals for hearing their grievances. Thursday and Saturday are the days of Prakriyas. Swami calls in the presence of the deities, ‘daivas’ and ‘chaithanyas’ on some media i.e. on persons among the devotees whose magnetic aura has a degree of sensitiveness, compatible with their becoming mediums of communication for these forces. Swami then takes a course of corrective actions to set right the harm done to them inadvertently or not, by the human beings at either the earlier stage of their life or in the present phase of life.
After the mass prayer or the ‘Samuha Yachana’ on Fridays and Sundays, the stage is set for hearing the woes of the devotees, beginning with the heads of temples or places of worship. The process of detachment of the harmful effects of misdeeds by persons or the ‘chaithanyas’ of the other plane, of the temples takes place. Then Swami attends to the devotees one by one showing them the true path for redressal of their woes and miseries. In this way, thousands of individual families are attended to on these days.
There will be special poojas on auspicious days like Krishna Janmastami, Ganesh Chathurthi, Deepavali, Navarathri and Shivarathri, and several thousand devotees visit the ‘Kshetra’ to witness these mahapoojas and receive blessings.