Historical Evolution of Guruvana Sri Durga Kshethra, Kadekar

Devotees of Sri Guru Paarashakthi Mutt have been fortunate enough to get plethora of opportunities in repaying their debt to the mother almighty. This has been made possible due to the effervescent efforts of Sri Swami through “deva prakriyas”. These prakriyas delve deep into inexorable depths and unearth the intricacies involved in cleansing one out of quagmire. One such fruit borne out of such prakriya is Guruvana Sri Durga kshethra in the vicinity of historic Sri Mallikarjuna temple of Kadekar, on the banks of the Nethravathi river. The temple is getting ready for the auspicious brahmakalashothsav celebrations. This holy land has been witness to several events of sanctitude recorded in the treasure trove of history running into thousands of years.The clue regarding the existence of such a pristine divine land, until then in a dilapidated state was given by none other than Sri Sri Narendranatha Yogeeshwareshwara Swami of Sri Guru Parashakthi Mutt of Marakada, Mangalore. During his visit to nearby Sri Mallikarjuna temple, Sri Swami had unraveled the mystery regarding the primeval pond of water, bana, lake and a stone carved guru paaduka bound by a serpent existing in the area, through his perspicuous divine vision. He revealed that the now decrepit sthree saanidhya has been in reality linked to the trishaktha shakti, the omnipotent force who was receiving pious worship earlier. Later on, the same revelations of Sri Swami have been corroborated through a number of ashtamangala and arudha prashna cinthans at different instances by a galaxy of astrologers and have thrown light on the ancient history of the kshetra. Also, the unflinching bond of this place with Sri Parashurama muni, avatar of Sri Vishnu, Sri Macchendranath Yogeeshwareshwar, the spiritual connoisseur and founder of Naatha panth, as well as Sri Shanthayyajja, the great seer, has been unearthed through the same process. In the course of time, the divine sanidhya had been in the sidelines due to perpetration of misdeeds by people. People with vested interest started worshipping the goddess here in ‘raajasika’ or ‘taamasika’ form for the fulfillment of their wishes and used them for their selfish purposes. Such incidents set into motion a chain of misfortunes. It has been further revealed about the need for resurrection of this Sri Mooladurga , the trishaktha swaroopi sanidhya here for the sole purpose of universal resurgence. Sri Swami has through his ‘sankalpa shakthi’ taken into control the negative energies, which are identified through the several prashna chintanas, cleared them of the factors responsible for their negativism and purified them in his own inimitable way, without the assistance of any vaidika rituals. Owing to several stages of the ‘parihaara prakriyas’ by Sri Swami at this place, concomitant to the detailed analysis through simultaneous aroodha prashnas and ashtamangala prashnas, Guruvana Sri Durga kshetra has once again catapulted to be a ‘deva bhoomi’. Consequent to the ‘deva prakriyas’ executed by Sri Swami , the pristine divinity has once again risen here bestowing her devotees with fortunes.As per the prashna chintan, the greatness of this place dates back to ‘threthayuga’. At that time, Sri Parashuram, the sixth avatar of Maha Vishnu, born to Sri Jamadagni and Renuka matha had worshipped the Jaganmatha in formless ‘swayambhoo chaitanya’ in this coastal place and sanctified it. It has been revealed through prashnas that relevant parihaar in connection with Renuka chintan will be arrived at through Sri Swami and the kshetra will transform into a ‘paapa naashini’ kshetra. The Renuka Theertha is also getting replenished and through prashna chintan, it is revealed that water from holy manasa sarovara is flowing into Renuka theertha as ‘gupthagaamini’ . A statue of Lord Parashuram will be installed here and the place will be well known for ‘vishnu saayujya’ to the departed souls.Based on ashtamanagala prashna chintan, it also has been revealed that this place had been once the spiritual center for Sri Sri Macchendranath Yogeeshwareshwar of the Himalayas. Around 2,200 years back, Sri Macchendranath muni had come down to this southern part of Bharat preaching ‘sanatana tattva’ along with a delegation of spiritual people in the form of “deva niyoga” and was worshipping Parashakthi as Mooladurga here. Along with his eight disciples known as ‘ashta naathas’, he had launched the naatha tradition for practicing sanatana philosophy. In a way, the same omnipotent goddess worshipped by Sri Parashuram had also been the deity of Sri Macchendranath here.Gradually, this place had been ruled by kshatriyas and the jaganmatha was worshipped in full splendor. Sri Shanthayyajja was a great sage, guru and had been the first person of Jeppu family ( ‘Moola purush’). He had assumed the role of military commander of the princely tradition of Devaramane around 640 years back and also had been the guiding force for them. When the princely family slipped into oblivion due to some misfortune, Sri Shanthayyajja having special spiritual powers, set on migration along with his worshipping deities and settled in the same place where Sri Parashuram and Sri Sri Macchendranath had worshipped Jaganmatha. Being born in Bharadhwaja gothra, he founded a place of worship for Sri Mallikarjuna, the kula devatha and was doing penance here in Kadekar kshetra. All these facts have been unearhed through elaborative ashta mangala and aroodha prashnas.Thus, such a holy place wherein Sri Mooladurga had been worshipped by great personalities over yugas, started drifting into sidelines due to undesirable misdeeds and vanished from history, waiting for the right moment to unfurl again.Now, lying on the bank of Netravathi river in the serene atmosphere is the lush greenery called ‘Guruvana’ which presents the true meaning of nature worship. The guruvana is composed of variety of ‘deva vrukshas’ adding to the divine ambience. As per our tradition, trees have got high veneration as the abode of god and whoever nurtures them with tender care will attain salvation. Based on astrological findings, the guruvana happens to be the same venue where Mother Goddess worshipped by Sri Macchendranatha had taken shelter in the form of sanidhya. A rock cut snake bound ‘guru paada’ has also been found here in the guruvana with the sankalpa of Guru Macchendranatha imbibed. The existence of this guruvana in its immaculate state till this age without any disturbance is testimony to the presence of divinity here. With more devavruksha saplings being planted here and an attractive gurupeetha for guru saanidhya coming up here , the guruvana presents a captivating outlook to the discerning devotee.An ancient ‘pushakarini’, the pond of water in front of the temple is being refurbished as per vastu. Through prashnas, it has been deciphered about an undercurrent of water flowing from Kadri to this pond through Gujjarakere.Based on spiritual guidance from Sri Sri Narendranatha Yoggeshwareshwar Swami and leadership of Sri J.Krishna Palemar, the District-in-charge Minister, with Sri Yogishkumar as President of Guruvana Sri Durga Trust and involvement of Jeppu family, Sri Guru Parashakthi Mutt of Marakada as well as local pious people, the temple project has been taken up in full swing in this kshetra which is resplendent with divinity due to the august lineage of great sages of the lore.As part of the temple project, the foundation stone for the temple has been laid by Sri Swami, in the presence of Brahmasri Ucchila Padmanabha Tantri on 7th May,2008. The ‘garbhanyasa’ and ‘shadadhara pratishta’ have been conducted on 4th May,2009. The main sanctum, namaskara mantapa, outer sanctorum and Ganapathy gudi are all shilamaya constructions, with the main sanctum and the outer sanctorum roofs being covered by copper sheets. In essence, as enunciated by Sri Swami, offering tearful prayer and sweat of labour at the feet of Mother Goddess in complete surrender, thousands of volunteers have toiled day and night in the blossoming of this temple of grandeur.Sri Mooladurga in the form of ‘chathurbhuje’ with shankha, chakra, abhay and varada hasta will be bedecked here for ever at Guruvana Sri Durga kshetra, in Sri Mallikarjuna Degula Samucchay. Due to the conglomeration of these divine powers, the kshetra on the littoral of river Netravathi is dawning as a confluence of “shaiva-vaishanava-shakteya” shaktis in the lap of nature.The prathishta brahmakalashothsav and nagamandalothsav celebrations will be conducted from 8th to 18th of May,2011 under the divine directions of Sri Sri Narendranatha Yogeeshwareshwar Swami, Honorary Presidentship of Sri J.Krishna Palemar and Presidentship of Sri K.C.Naik for the Brahmakalashothsav Committee, through religious and vaidik rituals. The nemotsav for the parivaara daivas of Sri Mallikarjuna kshetra will be celebrated on 21st May,2011.